AIE Lafayette Game Jam 2019

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is holding its first-ever Game Jam at their Lafayette campus location.

Established in 1996, AIE is a non-profit educator that trains students in 3D animation, game development, and related fields. They provide the required training needed to join others such as entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators in the video game and film industries. Additionally, AIE will be holding an Open House on November 16th from 10 AM to 2 PM for those who are interested in a career in the digital media industry.

For anyone new to a Game Jam, a Game Jam is an event where an individual or a group create a game in a limited amount of time using their imagination, skill, and a theme. Game Jams are great for meeting other developers or aspiring developers and building on your portfolio. AIE is hoping to bring together the local video game communities in Louisiana with their Game Jam.

The event will be located at the AIE Lafayette campus at 537 Cajundome Boulevard, #211, Lafayette, LA 70506.

Additional information provided by the official AIE Facebook Page include:

Game Jam Start Date/Time: 11/8, 6:30pm CST
Game Jam End Date/Time:11/11, 6:30pm CST
The theme will be announced when the jam starts.
Rules: All games should follow the theme.
The majority of your game should be built during the jam.
If you use any assets you didn't make please make sure you have the rights to use it and list the creators in the credits.
Teams are allowed!
Any engines are allowed, text only is allowed (like a game made in Twine).
Please include appropriate warnings for the content (NSFW, Sensitive Topics, etc)


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