Brooklyn Mural for Etika

Etika was a popular Youtube streamer and an all-around great personality to watch. He passed away earlier this year in June of 2019 which not only shook the gaming community but also devastated his friends, loved ones, and his fans.

Desmond Daniel Amofah, better known as Etika, displayed signs of mental illness, as well as suicide threats on many occasions. He would unexpectedly admit to being mentally ill and suicidal in an apologetic video just before disappearing on June 19th of 2019. Etika's body was found in the East River on June 24 by the Police of New York City. It was later determined on the 26th of June that Etika drowned by suicide from jumping from the Manhattan Bridge.

Fast forward, November 6th of 2019, A group of artists lead by Double-A created a mural in Brooklyn, New York (Bushwick) in his loving memory. Double-A collaborated with bkfoxx, kestaadm, and jmzwalls to in order to make this mural a reality. The mural includes two main pictures of Etika, a front-facing-smiling portrait, and a rear-facing yet more serious portrait. There are Nintendo images in different parts of the mural which include Joy-Con controllers and symbols from the Super Smash Bros series to name a few. Etika was a huge Nintendo fan and the person behind the “Joy-Con Boyz” trend.

(Image credit: Double-A)

Etika loved Nintendo very much and he shared this loved with the world which brought joy to others. Double-A's mural did an excellent job of expressing this along with phrases like, “Take care of yourself,” and “Have yourself a damn good one”. This is a good reminder for us to have fun and be good to ourselves, life is too short to not do that. Double-A says that they encourage everyone visiting Anime NYC in New York to stop by and check out the mural as it will only be around for six to nine months.


1280 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.



If you or anyone you know has thoughts of suicide, harming themselves, or harming others, please reach out to a loved one, or call the suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Never never never give up.     

Winston Churchill

There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.

C. S. Lewis

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