Lucidscape Demo Released!

Greetings everyone, exciting news to share! The demo for Lucidscape is now available on Steam! Jump in and explore an early look at our 2D platformer as you navigate some unique levels. As a disclaimer, the demo isn’t the final product and you may experience some bugs. Likewise, we do encourage and accept any and all constructive feedback.

Moving forward, our plan before the full release is to introduce more content, fix bugs, add polish, and get the community involved by taking advantage of the new "Steam Playtest" feature. We plan for a full release in 2021, between Q1 and Q2. We’ll be updating the community about this, in the upcoming future via our regular newsletter and Steam.

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Hive Slayer + Hurricane Relief
The Louisiana Technology Park has recently published an article about the damages caused by repeating hurricanes in Louisiana. The article mentions how King Crow Studios has supported community rebuilding through video gaming. King Crow Studios’ new VR game; Hive Slayer is free but open to donations; those funds go directly towards the hurricane relief fundraiser. For the full article and more information on how to support the relief efforts, see the link below.
Read the full article

Area 51 Weeb Defense 2.22
Have a good time as you blow weebs away to oblivion in this fast-paced, tower defense, indie game! You will notice multiple parodies on anime references with every weeb thrown at you. Can you defend the infamous Area 51 from being overrun? Only one way to find out, play today!
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Emery’s Memories: Custom Pet Portraiture
Emery is a talented artist from North Carolina that contributes her skills to game art and animation. She also has a passion for drawing photorealistic and lifelike animal portraits. If you have a pet and would like to memorialize and celebrate your bond with them, Emery’s pet portrait service is for you!
Contact via the Facebook page

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