Lucidscape on Steam!

Today we are excited to announce that the store page for Lucidscape is now available on Steam. You can wishlist Lucidscape right now and be the first to know when it’s available! Lucidscape is still in development with no official release date for the final product as of now. However, we do have plans to share an alpha/early access soon. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter at to participate.


Lucidscape is a 2D puzzle platformer with elements of exploration and combat. Players will play as a dream world avatar of a sleeping child that attempts to conquer the nightmares. These nightmares will take place throughout environments that are influenced by the child’s fears. Prepare yourself as you encounter enemies in environments such as the Hospital, Candyland, and Circus.

The Team

Lucidscape began as an experimental project, made possible by a completely remote group of individuals and managed by Feenx Games. This project became the foundation towards facilitating the growth of the video game industry, by supporting the personal growth of each team member. If you’re interested in more information, see our Lucidscape press-kit for more details.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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