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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

(Title work-in-progress)


A collaborative and volunteer effort by a fully remote team of individuals from around the country, assembled during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Project Lucid is currently in development and is a 2D puzzle platformer with elements of exploration, combat, and a number of fear-based environments for the player to conquer.



Project Lucid is a 2D puzzle platformer with elements of exploration and combat. As the player progresses through the game they will be rewarded with different power-ups that strengthen the character and equip them for upcoming obstacles. As the player backtracks and explores they are further rewarded with items that improve the character’s health, and ability meter reserves.

The main character is a dream world avatar of a sleeping child. The main character is designed to be faceless, genderless, and adorable.

(Image: Player character concept)

The game takes place within the dream of the main character. The player will encounter a number of environments that play off of the character’s fears. These Environments include a hospital, candyland, circus/carnival, and a lucid environment that bridges between the environments as the player progresses.


The candyland environment is made up of sweets and desserts and has a nightmare theme of rotten teeth and dentists. The general feel is of a bright and saturated look with an ominous tint to it. Some early enemy concepts include gingerbread men and teeth.

(Image: Candyland level concept)

(Image: Enemy ginger inbred men concept)

(Image: Enemy caviteeth concept)


The hospital environment plays on the fears of darkness and doctors. Enemies in the hospital environment include creepy crawlers, insects, and ghosts that relate to the theme of an abandoned hospital and its dangers.

(Image: Enemy rat concept)

(Image: Enemy firefly concept)

(Image: Enemy maggot concept)

(Image: Enemy beetle concept)

(Image: Enemy ghost concept)

Stay tuned for future updates.



Q: What engine does this game use?

A: Project Lucid is developed in the Unity engine.

Q: What platform will this be released on?

A: PC (Steam)

Q: Is there a release date for Project Lucid?

A: No, we don’t have a date as of yet.

Q: How much will this game cost?

A: Project Lucid will be FREE!

Q: How can I follow the progress of the game?

A: You can sign up for our newsletter at feenxgames.com/signup

Q: What about social media?

A: All of our social media handles will be @feenxgames

Q: Is there room for any more on the team?

A: Yes, we're always looking for talent and currently seeking a 2D Game Animator. Email careers@feenxgames.com for more info.







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